Guys, this one’s for you. Oh…and us

My  Friend Violet is on a mission to elevate VQ (Vaginal Intelligence), or the smart way to understand, care for, and communicate about our precious parts. That said, those who don’t have their own vagina and who enjoy someone else’s vagina may need to have a bit of info to help their romantic endeavors.

It’s true: most men are clueless about a few important vaginal facts. The result is often that sex becomes unfulfilling for both partners. My Friend Violet is YOUR friend, too, guys!  Here’s a bit of “Vagintel” (Violet’s word for the inside scoop on vagina):

Vaginal intercourse does not result in orgasm for most women.

It’s not you! Or them! It’s just the way the body is made.

Does this take the pressure off of your own second-guessing about the quality of your love-making or your penis? We hope so.  Does it also help you to understand how to satisfy your woman better? Maybe not yet…but this will:

Foreplay and external stimulation are the key to orgasm success.

Foreplay ranges from kissing and touching one’s neck to oral sex that focuses on the upper thigh and clitoris. External stimulation can be with hands, tongue, or toys and again is focused on that power packed clitoris.  The clitoris (found between the labia near the top) is loaded with nerve endings. It’s the epicenter of seismic orgasms.

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