Vagina Dialogues: Expert and Women-led Discussions to Learn & Grow

Danielle Pashko, top nutritionist and wellness advisor, and Ava Diamond, My Friend Violet’s Chief Messaging Officer, talk about what food, supplements, exercise, and stress-management have to do with body confidence.  How do we fuel our sexual energy, nourish our self-esteem, and add a sexier feel to how we see ourselves?  Find out how to reach Danielle and grab her most recent book, “Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits: Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Chicks Make!

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“Between attending births as a doula, a photographer and a birth assistant to a midwife I have seen a lot of vaginas.  I’ve discussed and researched everything from urinary incontinence to postpartum sex positions.  My friends and family send me pictures of pussy wallets, plush uteri and hilarious sex books.  I spent a weekend at a conference for sex therapists a few years ago and realized I had found my people.  Writing about vaginas is pretty much a dream come true.  So I’m making it my full-time gig.”

Listen in as we talk about the mind & body of vaginal wellness.

My Friend Violet talks with our Medical Advisor, Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, Board Certified UroGynocologist and forerunner in holistic vaginal care, helps to Elevate VQ, Vaginal Intelligence, with some “Vagina 101” basics on normal hormones, odor, and moisture.

Corrie-Beth Lipowski spends her days coaching women with mind & body fitness for body confidence.  Learn the distinction between Body Confidence and Body Positivity and how to harness the power of both that you need to experience life fully well in motherhood, relationship, and career. 


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