It's Time to Elevate Your VQ (Vaginal Intelligence)
Knowledge: Science, Trends, & Truths
We know more. You should, too. Science is constantly making progress with how we understand our bodies. Often, discoveries are kept quiet for reasons that are more about business interests than consumer wellness. Did you know that water flossing was proven highly effective for protecting and preserving gums in 1962? Well, then why didn’t water picks and water … READ MORE
Knowledge for Living Well
Ingredient Spotlight: Rosemary & Lavender
Who doesn’t want to be in control, feel calm, and stay cool? Sometimes, we can use a little help from a friend…My Friend Violet.  Introducing: Vi!tal Cool Touch Body Spray, the quick way to manage a hot flash. As with all of our products, Vi!tal takes care of you in more than one way as it cools, soothes, and calms with skin-loving lavender and … READ MORE
Ingredient Spotlight: Peppermint
Ahhhh…that minty fresh feeling. The “minty fresh feeling” that famous chewing gum companies sell has some validity as peppermint is an herb known for its’ cooling properties.  This is why My Friend Violet uses a triple mint blend for cooling hot flashes in our Vi!tal Cool Touch Body Spray.  And…there’s more to peppermint than fresh breath and sweet … READ MORE
The Pandemic and Your Period
Lockdown. Isolation. Stress. Mood changes. Energy changes. Biorhythm changes. All of these impact hormones. Hormones drive our menstrual cycle. The past 14 months have had yet another impact on our well-being: unpredictable periods. There have been several significant studies done at this point surveying thousands of women in total with similar findings of … READ MORE
Mindset: Your Inner Voice and Your Body
Mindset Matters
Oh that Inner Voice…the power it has to make or break our experiences is mind-boggling…literally. When those words we think to ourselves about our Selves are focused on our goodness, we can move through life with such grace and even a fearlessness of sorts. When those words are self-deprecating, though, the impact can be thwarting of our growth at a minimum … READ MORE
Mindset for Living Well
Celebrity Moms Do It Too
Shocker: Celebrity status doesn’t keep women from experiencing the physical changes caused by pregnancy. It’s great that women of all levels of fame and fortune can be supportive to others by sharing their truths. It can be helpful to share personal struggles with body confidence when you’re considered a celebrated standard of beauty to … READ MORE
Emerging from Diaper Darkness
Let’s be real: 364.5 days of the year, motherhood is loaded with a fair mix of joy, frustration, pride, disappointment, special moments, stinky moments, “aha” moments, and “wtf” moments.  In fact, when tots are tinier it can feel like you’re living in what I call, “diaper darkness” where days and nights can blur with childcare of endless … READ MORE
What Are You Consuming?
April Davis, of The Vagina Blog, and My Friend Violet had a chat (see the video here). They talked about sexual wellness and what inhibits women from the freedom of enjoying it.  April, in her mid-30s, walks her talk of normalizing conversation about our vaginal health and body confidence. She was emphatic about how important it is to pay attention to and make a … READ MORE
The Body Love Language
Communication is Key
You have probably heard of the “Five Love Languages” because Gary Chapman wrote a book really to help women accept how men express love in nonverbal and verbal ways. It’s actually a great read with ideas that have helped people understand partners better and feel better loved along the way. My Friend Violet wants you to know about the Body Love Language, or ways … READ MORE
Communication for Living Well
Guys, this one’s for you. Oh…and us
My  Friend Violet is on a mission to elevate VQ (Vaginal Intelligence), or the smart way to understand, care for, and communicate about our precious parts. That said, those who don’t have their own vagina and who enjoy someone else’s vagina may need to have a bit of info to help their romantic endeavors. It’s true: most men are clueless about a few … READ MORE
Bibliotherapy: A Reading list to get you started
We recently posted an article on bibliotherapy – the art of reading a book with your partner (either together or on your own, but at the same time) is a great way to add some spice and encourage your imaginative minds to join forces under the covers. We promised a reading list o get you started and here it is: Bared To You by Sylvia Day Bared to You is a 2012 … READ MORE
Bibliotherapy: Reading is FUNdamental for Libido!
Low libido? “Honey, I’m too tired” kind of dynamic? Have you considered bibliotherapy? Are you asking yourself, “WHAT THE HECK IS BIBLIOTHERAPY?” The self-help section of any major book store is loaded with literature on how to improve your life in one way or another. In fact, in coaching my clients I often ask them how many self-help books or articles … READ MORE