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My Friend Violet is leading the way with a new lifestyle element of women’s wellness with accurate information, safe & effective products, and a network of support.  As a trusted resource for vaginal wellness and body confidence, My Friend Violet is on a mission to elevate VQ (Vaginal Intelligence) with truths and ways to improve sex, sport, and self-care.

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First there was IQ, then there was EQ… Now we are introducing VQ (Vaginal Intelligence), the smart ways to understand, care for, and communicate about vaginal wellness. My Friend Violet is here to break the taboos and shed light on what’s real and really good for you with vaginal & sexual wellness. VQ is about normalizing the conversation and building body confidence. Elevating VQ (Vaginal Intelligence) means celebrating YOU!

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Violet’s private, safe, and supportive community space where women can share their stories, thoughts, and questions about body confidence, vaginal wellness, sexual wellness, relationship concerns, and more.

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Vi! is launching soon with the Vi! Vaginal Comfort Gel, the Vi!tal Cooling Mist and the DiVi!ne Dry Touch Powder. Vi! is about caring for your vagina similarly to how we have learned to care for our teeth and gums over the years.  We didn’t always know that flossing, for example, would help preserve the quality of our gums and keep our teeth in place. Now we do, so most of us choose to floss daily. My Friend Violet created a new element of regular vaginal wellness care, Vi!, to preserve and enhance the elasticity, responsiveness, and moisture of our vagina. My Friend Violet wants vaginal care to be second nature.

Future Vi!

My Friend Violet is continually researching and developing products that will help you with vaginal wellness and body confidence. In the works are the app that allows you to keep your vaginal pH levels healthy, a Vi! suppository with a well-researched specialized natural ingredient to reduce stress & pain caused by inflammation, and more!

Marta Wohrle

Marta Wohrle

Co-Founder CEO

I have spent more than a decade building online communities for women and creating personal care products. I learned that many women experience vaginal discomfort, including dryness and itchiness, that prevents them from enjoying sex, sport and life to the full. I started to work on products that would address these issues and improve body confidence – and My Friend Violet was born.

Ava Diamond, LCSW

Ava Diamond, LCSW

Co-Founder CMO

For the past three decades, I have dedicated my career to learning, teaching, and coaching about brain and body wellness.  I have helped thousands of people overcome the biggest challenges, improve their intimate relationships, and develop a healthier sense of self both physically and mentally.  When I met Marta and she shared her discovery, I knew that women’s vaginal issues were compounded with mental and emotional stressors.  My Friend Violet is my opportunity to reach millions of women with life-changing content and meaningful connection.

The Team Behind Violet

My Friend Violet is supported by world-class experts, movers-n-shakers, and big believers in Violet’s mission.  Get to know our Advisory Team!  See more

The UltraViolets

UltraViolets are VQ ambassadors! My Friend Violet carefully chooses women whose personal mission is closely aligned with Violet’s mission to elevate VQ.  UltraViolets are inspirational leaders in women’s wellness who bring their stories and expertise to the My Vi! Community.  UltraViolets are able to spread the VQ movement to thousands more women with messages and introduction to our Vi! product line.  UltraViolets will have their own ambassador code that allows them to earn an income doing what they love! If you are interested in becoming an UltraViolet, apply here