Who is My Friend Violet?
Marta Wohrle & Ava Diamond

We are the Co-Founders of My Friend Violet. Violet is our vehicle for making great changes in how women understand and care for their bodies.  We know that there is a need to elevate the conversation and enhance women’s comfort and confidence. We partnered together because we knew that between the two of us we have an unparalleled combination of successful experiences: e-commerce, FDA-approved product development, anti-aging, manufacturing, women’s issues, mind:body wellness, holistic self-care, relationship dynamics,  emotional challenges, and content development.

Karen Young

Karen brings decades of experience and her global leadership as a marketing legend for the beauty industry.  When Karen heard about My Friend Violet, she replied, “I’ve been waiting a while for something to get me excited again! I love what you are doing and would love to be a part of it.”  Karen has guided My Friend Violet with marketing strategy and shared resources to help us hone our brand.

Dr Betsy Greenleaf

Betsy is our uniquely specialized medical expert focused on holistic vaginal wellness, helping you have a “happy vagina”, and making sure Violet provides you with medical truths about your vag.  Betsy wanted to be on our team because she sees the synergy and future of Vi!

Nancy Lee

Nancy is Violet’s digital marketing guru with decades of digital experience in the health and beauty world. Nancy is also our “target market mama” as a 40-yr-old who just gave birth to her first child and totally gets My Friend Violet’s mission.

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