Tag: Vi!tal Cooling Mist

Ingredient Spotlight: Rosemary & Lavender
Who doesn’t want to be in control, feel calm, and stay cool? Sometimes, we can use a little help from a friend…My Friend Violet.  Introducing: Vi!tal Cool Touch Body Spray, the quick way to manage a hot flash. As with all of our products, Vi!tal takes care of you in more than one way as it cools, soothes, and calms with skin-loving lavender and ... READ MORE
Ingredient Spotlight: Peppermint
Ahhhh…that minty fresh feeling. The “minty fresh feeling” that famous chewing gum companies sell has some validity as peppermint is an herb known for its’ cooling properties.  This is why My Friend Violet uses a triple mint blend for cooling hot flashes in our Vi!tal Cool Touch Body Spray.  And…there’s more to peppermint than fresh breath and sweet ... READ MORE
Ingredient Spotlight: Milk Thistle
Got Milk? If those two words make you smile, you are probably over 40 and thinking of the mustache ad campaign that got everyone to realize the benefits of an old-fashioned glass of milk. Well, there is nothing old fashioned about milk thistle, one of the essential ingredients in My Friend Violet’s Vi!tal Cooling Mist.  Modern science has discovered that ... READ MORE