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Cycling and Your Sex Life
With pandemic life came a surge in interest in outdoor activities for fitness and fun. Cycling, which has been a growing sport for women for over a decade now, showed the greatest increase in participants. According to a study in 2020, women choosing to ride bikes has increased by 52-65 percent globally.  This is great news for healthy hearts, stronger legs, and ... READ MORE
Pregnancy and Postpartum Profuse Perspiration
According to the US National Library of Medicine, “Hot flashes are typically considered a menopausal symptom. Hot flashes during pregnancy or postpartum are commonly discussed in the popular literature, yet there has been a relative silence about them in the academic literature.”  YET, this study demonstrated that over one third of pregnant women have hot ... READ MORE
SWAMP (ass)
The Scenario: Your “friend” loves to dance. At late house parties, she’ll spin around with friends into the wee hours with a frozen pomegranate margarita in hand, beads of condensation dripping off the bottom of the cup in an overcrowded living room. That cup isn’t the only thing sweating. During the party, you’ll see a patch of sweat spread on your ... READ MORE
Uncovering Boob Sweat
Sweat happens. Hot days, workouts, nights out, or just having extra weight can create moisture in our cracks and crevices. Regardless of temperatures and body type, it happens more than we would like in areas that leave us in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Not only is sweat beneath our breasts uncomfortable but it’s also unhealthy as bacteria loves to ... READ MORE
Ingredients Spotlight: Charcoal
Violet believes we should know what we are putting in and on our bodies. Labels can be misleading. Marketing can make us believe something has super powers or is safer than it actually is. We promise to shed light on those ingredients we know are healthy, effective, and tell you why. We will also expose those that have hidden risks. Violet believes that knowledge ... READ MORE