The Pandemic and Your Period

Lockdown. Isolation. Stress. Mood changes. Energy changes. Biorhythm changes. All of these impact hormones. Hormones drive our menstrual cycle. The past 14 months have had yet another impact on our well-being: unpredictable periods.

There have been several significant studies done at this point surveying thousands of women in total with similar findings of disrupted cycles. Some lost their periods, some had extended bleeding. Either way, the pandemic has taken what is NORMALLY a challenging part of womanhood and made it a greater obstacle to physical comfort, ease of activities, and even fertility.  My Friend Violet wants you to know you are not alone and that grabbing hold of some of our stress-management strategies can help you “re-cycle” back into a more vibrant life.

“52.6% of females experienced a change in their menstrual cycle during the lockdown period. Psychosocial symptoms had changed in over half of all participants. Participants who reported increased stress/worry in family and personal health were significantly associated with changes in menstrual symptoms. Similarly, job security stress was associated with increases in bleeding time (p<0.05).  It is important that females and practitioners become aware of the implications of stressful environments and the possible long-term implications on fertility, particularly given the uncertainty around a second wave of the global pandemic.”- MedRXiv.

My Friend Violet would love to hear from you about any changes you have experienced with your menstruation over the past year plus a few cycles worth of time.  Vi! Vaginal Comfort Gel, coming in 2021, will be your FDA-cleared safe approach to daily vaginal care to help with the pandemic strain on your precious parts.  Ask us more about it.

Let’s make Pandemic Periods a thing of the past.”- Your Friend, Violet

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