The Gifts of Being Hormonal

BBC FUTURES is an incredible publication that completely aligns with the mission of My Friend Violet.  They provide the information we need to expand our thinking about our health and wellness and have created a platform of empowerment as they live up to their own mission: “We believe in truth, facts, and science. We take the time to think. And we don’t accept — we ask why”. Recently, they had a series of articles, Health Gap, which showcased the disparity in the healthcare system for women & men.

Zaria Gorvett wrote one entitled, “How the menstrual cycle changes women’s brains- for the better!” that is chock full of new ways to think about PMS, moodiness, sex drive, and more related to our monthly hormonal shifts. She normalizes the conversation about hormonal differences between men and women in brain functioning. She steers clear of socio-political ideas about gender and focuses on the science of hormonal differences. Most importantly, she gives women a healthy response to being told she’s “Just being hormonal”.

“The next time someone asks if you’re hormonal, you can say yes – but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” –Zaria Gorvett, BBC FUTURES

YES! Our hormonal shifts allow us to have the following:

*Better spatial relations

*Improved imagination

*Better communication skills

*Enhanced memory

*Greater sex drive

My Friend Violet is for women, by women.  We need to know that our hormonal tendencies are a gift not a curse! Grumpy sometimes? So are our counterparts. It’s life on life’s terms. PMS may make being full of energy and upbeat challenging, but that very hormonal shift is what allows for the next three weeks of rockstar brain power!

“Who knew, your friend really can be your friend”- Your Friend, Violet

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