SWAMP (ass): Some Women Activate More Perspiration

The Scenario: Your “friend” loves to dance. At late house parties, she’ll spin around with friends into the wee hours with a frozen pomegranate margarita in hand, beads of condensation dripping off the bottom of the cup in an overcrowded living room.

That cup isn’t the only thing sweating. During the party, you’ll see a patch of sweat spread on your friend’s rear, foreboding, slow but immediate like The Blob taking over a city in old horror movies. You’ve seen this happen while she’s Milly-Rocking on the makeshift dance floor, but also when she’s trying to do her own taxes or have a conversation with her mother on the phone. Whether it’s heavy activity or anxiety, your friend is wringing out her pants at the end of the evening.” – Vice

This “scenario” is nothing new to My Friend Violet. In fact, countless women have shared with us that they are so self-conscious about the sweat that builds between their cheeks when they are working out, walking, riding a bike, or dancing like our character in Vice. Violet is concerned about both mind & body when caring for unwanted sweat, however. It’s not just embarrassing but also poses health problems when the moisture is left to sit on the skin in dark areas beneath breasts, between butt cheeks, or in the crevices at the top of our thighs. Bacteria creates rashes that can be itchy, painful, and add to self-consciousness when others see it.

Body confidence and body wellness go hand-in-hand. Some suggestions for managing “swamp ass” and underboob sweat have included wearing special pads and carrying around baby wipes to clean off. Well, Violet thought these kinds of strategies actually keep your mind focused on the issue that is mentally uncomfortable for you. While it’s normal and important to sweat (to release toxins and cool the body down), it’s not normal to have to wear an extra pad or find a bathroom to baby wipe yourself in!

DiVi!ne Dry Touch Body Powder is the SWAMP solution. Carefully chosen all-natural ingredients designed to both absorb moisture and protect the skin from harmful bacteria, DiVi!ne is designed for our cracks and crevices. The charcoal base has the health benefits of charcoal and won’t leave a white powdery residue on your clothing. You deserve to not have to think about sweat.

Be SWAMP-free coming and going, Ms. DiVi!ne“- Your Friend, Violet

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