Pregnancy and Postpartum Profuse Perspiration

According to the US National Library of Medicine, “Hot flashes are typically considered a menopausal symptom. Hot flashes during pregnancy or postpartum are commonly discussed in the popular literature, yet there has been a relative silence about them in the academic literature.”  YET, this study demonstrated that over one third of pregnant women have hot flashes during pregnancy and over a quarter of them experience these really uncomfortable hot flashes postpartum.  

You spent the last many months sharing your body with the baby you now hold in your arms. Now, as you reclaim your physical self postpartum, you’ve got all kinds of “ick” going on: liquids leaking from different parts, moods swinging all over the place, and sweating no matter what the temperature is outside. Hormones are simply out of wack but for good reason:

“Your hormones are tasked with helping rid your body of excess fluids that supported your body and baby during pregnancy.”- Healthline. So, perspiring profusely is essential to getting back to normal. Keeping yourself hydrated and nutritionally balanced is essential to helping hormones recalibrate and allowing your body to perform as it needs to.

Sorry to say that there are no shortcuts through this period of time. We can help you get through these hormonally challenging weeks or months better, though. Join our community forum for support, read more about hormones and nutrition, movement, and stress-management, and give DiVi!ne Dry Touch Body Powder & Vi!tal Cooling Mist a try to help manage the symptoms of pregnancy & postpartum internal heat waves.

“Being the Cool Mom starts now…be cool & dry with Vi!tal & DiVi!ne”Your Friend, Violet

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