Have You Got Milk?

Got Milk? If those two words make you smile, you are probably over 40 and thinking of the mustache ad campaign that got everyone to realize the benefits of an old-fashioned glass of milk. Well, there is nothing old fashioned about milk thistle, one of the essential ingredients in My Friend Violet’s Vi!tal Cooling Mist. 

Modern science has discovered that this plant-based extract has the ability to detoxify and strengthen cells. It made perfect sense for My Friend Violet to include this fabulous flower from the daisy family in our formula for cooling off.

Milk Thistle is made of 80% silymarin (often referred to as silybum, as well). In fact, you will see that these two ingredients are often used interchangeably in personal care products and pharmaceuticals. The rest of Milk Thistle is made of fatty acids, such as  linoleic acid  that are known to help maintain healthy cell membranes and control cellular metabolism.

So, we loved that silymarin and silybin protect the body from chemicals by blocking the toxins from entering the cell or moving it out of the system. They also block free radicals from attacking cells which reduces the signs of aging, according to the National Cancer Institute.

In one study focused on UV-induced Oxidative Stress, for example, using Milk Thistle in topical treatments shielded the skin from UVB damage. Vi!tal Cooling Mist cools us down and boosts our skin protection all at the same time.

Got Milk…Thistle?  You should“- Your Friend, Violet

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