Elevate Your VQ (Vaginal Intelligence)

We know more. You should, too.

Science is constantly making progress with how we understand our bodies. Often, discoveries are kept quiet for reasons that are more about business interests than consumer wellness. Did you know that water flossing was proven highly effective for protecting and preserving gums in 1962? Well, then why didn’t water picks and water toothbrushes not come to consumers with the dentistry seal of approval until the 2000s? Hmmmmmm….

This is why My Friend Violet is busy reviewing the latest evidence-based research, current trends in the vaginal wellness markets, and the truths you need to know to care for and celebrate one of your most amazing parts. Violet wants you to know things like how to protect and preserve the integrity of your vaginal wall, ways to nourish your body to enhance vaginal functioning, how the vagina and brain interact for optimal sexual experiences, and what stress does to our vaginal responsiveness, to start. Right up there in importance, of course, is debunking myths that still exist about our vaginas.

Let’s start there, in fact. How is it that in 2020 there still exists beliefs that pre-date all we have learned about our vaginas over the past 25 years? While there are very popular books out there these days that are filled with accurate ideas, some of those books cling to the notion that we should “do nothing” for our vagina to be its healthiest. Give this article a gander and make sure you aren’t holding on to falsehoods that interfere with your comfort and confidence:

“Spread the good Vi!bes. Elevate VQ!”- Your Friend, Violet

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