Cycling and Your Sex Life

With pandemic life came a surge in interest in outdoor activities for fitness and fun. Cycling, which has been a growing sport for women for over a decade now, showed the greatest increase in participants. According to a study in 2020, women choosing to ride bikes has increased by 52-65 percent globally.  This is great news for healthy hearts, stronger legs, and brain health as cycling in safe environments reduces stress chemicals. However, if you’re spending a lot of time on a bike seat, your sex life may not be as fit as the rest of you these days!

A recent study by Greenberg et al. (2019)* found that female cyclists who experienced frequent genital numbness and early onset of genital pain while cycling (within the first hour of riding) were more likely to report sexual dysfunction, including decreased arousal and satisfaction with orgasm. Having labia pain is a deterrent to having comfortable sex. Of course, they make great bike seats and padded riding pants to help with this issue. You can also take breaks from long rides. Most importantly, Ladies, you don’t have to CHOOSE between enjoying cycling and great sex.  Live confidently and comfortably with that body of yours!

My Friend Violet has two products to assist you with comfort and confidence on and off your bike.  Using our DiVi!ne Dry Touch Body Powder in the crevices between your thigh and pelvic region and the crack between your “cheeks” will absorb moisture and rid you of bothersome bacteria that can fester during your ride. This is a pretty important selfcare practice when wearing tight cycling clothes in order to reduce the risk of rash and even infection.

Of course, Vi! Vaginal Comfort Gel, is a product that you can use daily to help keep your vaginal wall from experiencing  “environmental” strains, such as pressure from riding a bike.  Our peptide-based formula is designed to add moisture and a layer of protection to keep your vagina fit and ready for sex play anytime before or after a great two-wheeled road trip. Get on our mailing list so that you can take advantage of our pre-order opportunities for both DiVi!ne and Vi!.

“Life’s a better ride with body confidence & comfort.”- Your Friend, Violet

*Greenberg, D. R., Khandwala, Y. S., Breyer, B. N., Minkow, R., & Eisenberg, M. L. (2019). Genital Pain and Numbness and Female Sexual Dysfunction in Adult Bicyclists. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. doi:10.1016/j.jsxm.2019.06.017

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