Uncovering an Uncomfortable Problem: Boob Sweat

Sweat happens. Hot days, workouts, nights out, or just having extra weight can create moisture in our cracks and crevices. Regardless of temperatures and body type, it happens more than we would like in areas that leave us in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Not only is sweat beneath our breasts uncomfortable but it’s also unhealthy as bacteria loves to fester in dark, moist places.

Healthline did a great write up on the options that exist to manage boob sweat. The article helps women to understand that knowing what you are putting on your skin and what you are wearing on your body are important factors not only to manage boob sweat but also to protect your health. Not sure if Violet would find using a pantyliner type product under her bra all that appealing when working out or on a date, though. Also, the chemicals found in deodorants used under your breasts has been linked with a greater risk of cancer. No go with the deo for boob sweat odor, says Violet.

If you’re looking for a bra option with health benefits for both mind & body, you must check out Nuudii. When My Friend Violet met Annette Azan, the CEO of Nuudii System, we fell in love as the synergy between our two missions was powerful. With all of the great suggestions made by Healthline, there just wasn’t a single health-focused product that deals with both moisture and odor on the list. They didn’t know about My Friend Violet’s DiVi!ne Dry Touch Body Powder. 

My Friend Violet is about body confidence and optimal health. All of our products are created to empower women’s wellness. Violet has a solution to boob sweat coming this Spring that takes care of both wetness and the smell it causes. DiVi!ne Dry Touch Body Powder is a natural charcoal based moisture-absorbing, anti-bacterial powder specifically designed for under your boobs and in the various cracks where moisture can build up causing irritation, odor, clothing stains, and embarrassment.

“DiVi!ne is how you should feel all day, every day.”- Your Friend, Violet

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    16 Mar 2021

    Sweating under the breasts is a major problem for me. Sometimes I even get a rash (and I don’t need to wait for summer). Doesn’t matter what bra I wear. I’ll have to check out the Nuudii System though!

    25 Mar 2021

    That’s why I keep baby wipes with me! A quick swipe freshens you right up!

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