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My Vi! is a safe place to go to ask questions and share ideas to support women’s wellness and body confidence. While we’ve “come a long way, baby”, Violet realized how much further we have to go and decided that coming together is another way to make progress as individuals and a whole population. We must normalize the conversation about all parts of our bodies for better health and better experiences. Our community is private and we have rules of engagement to make sure you always feel safe to grow with us.

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Kelly is a 52 yr old “cool mom” who has loved every inch of life with her husband and their sons. Two years ago, her life changed.

Kelly is midway with recovering from a double mastectomy. We didn’t really talk about her breasts. She was gracious and willing to share with us her truths about how cancer has impacted her body confidence, vaginal wellness, and sex life.


I didn’t see it coming…my 40’s were a decade of body changes tha happened so slowly over time.  These changes translated to some suffering in the sex, sport, and self-care departments.

There it was….my 50th birthday. The relentless time marker provoking tantalizing questions like what do I want to do with my life? Am I happy with my life? The response: things could be better.


Three babies in four years.  I want my  body back. All of it.  My vagina has never felt the same.  It’s either leaking, itching, or even hurting.  At 42 years old, I was ready to resign myself to quit my spin class and not enjoy sex again.

My friends didn’t seem to have these issues. That said, I need to reclaim my whole self and find relief somehow. I need to not be alone with this.


Meet the very first UltraViolet!

Ngozi is the author of ‘Before the Butterfly Wakes’, a collection of poetry and prose focused on self-love, self-confidence and healing. She can often be found sharing life lessons and teaching others about the importance of self-love, growth and purpose. Ngozi signed on as the first UltraViolet because her mission and ours are completely aligned.  She is ready to spread the good Vi!bes and elevate VQ!  We will support Ngozi, too, by showcasing her work here and allowing her to earn a percentage of Vi! product sales when you use her special code for purchases.  Vi! products will be available SOON! Follow Ngozi here as she brings inspiration and insight to our MyVi! community.

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