Women, Race and Menopause

When it comes to creating an equal opportunity for health and wellness, we continue to fall short. Women, and Black & Latina Women in particular, remain underserved. It’s not for a lack of information. Rather, it’s more about the investment we make in sharing it.

“The unique experience of Black women through the menopause transition is one of many insights from the SWAN study, which has followed a cohort of Hispanic, Japanese, Chinese, Black and White women in seven cities for more than two decades. The study found Black women have the highest prevalence, longest duration and are the most bothered by hot flashes, while White women have a lower composite strength in bones, for example. Black and Hispanic women also experience poorer quality sleep, which could affect cardiovascular health.” –Sarah Vander Schaaff, The Washington Post, 3/6/21

More Black and Latina women report experiencing hot flashes and night sweats than White women do.  Latina women have reported more vaginal dryness than any other race of women.

My Friend Violet is here to elevate VQ, Vaginal Intelligence, with the information you need to help your body feel and function at its best. As much as we’d love to eliminate the stressors that exist in our World, our super power is in the Vi!be we share to generate awareness and new ways to self-care.

No matter who you are or where you live, reducing cortisol (the stress chemical) will help you to manage menopause better.  Violet understands that getting to gym or even going for a walk isn’t possible for many women these days.  Violet also understands that trying something new has to be easy-to-implement when time and money are limited. My Friend Violet is your friend, too. Here are her three tips for bringing the stress level down a notch or two:

*Muscle:Mind Messaging: you don’t have to be fit to do this.  When we stretch our muscles, they send the message to our brain that we are more relaxed.  Stretching videos are abundant, but this is Violet’s favorite. 

*Imaginative Power: re-use your imagination from childhood to trick your brain into a peaceful place for a few minutes.  Using all of your senses (sight, smell, feel, sound, taste), recall a most peaceful place that you have either been or watched in a movie or show. Give yourself three minutes (at least) to fantasize about this peaceful place and see yourself actually in it.  

*Stress-reducing Smells: sniff a little lavender. Lavender oil, candle, or sachet are pretty easy to order online these days. The scent triggers a brain response that calms the central nervous system.

Of course, My Friend Violet has her very own Vi!tal Cooling Mist coming to market very soon.  She thought of everything with this one: cooling peptides and antioxidant ingredients help with hot flashes AND protecting cells from the aging process.

Let’s make violet the universal color for all women“- Your Friend, Violet

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