What Are you Consuming?

April Davis, of The Vagina Blog, and My Friend Violet had a chat (see the video here). They talked about sexual wellness and what inhibits women from the freedom of enjoying it.  April, in her mid-30s, walks her talk of normalizing conversation about our vaginal health and body confidence. She was emphatic about how important it is to pay attention to and make a conscious choice about what you are “consuming” regarding how you are supposed to be as a woman sexually.

She didn’t mean what you are eating (though My Friend Violet does have plenty to read about nutrition and vaginal/sexual wellness!). By “consuming”, April meant what you are absorbing in social media, television, maybe porn, and even conversations with friends.  What messages about what we are supposed to look like and how we are supposed to behave in the bedroom are being ingested and becoming part of your beliefs about yourself? Does it help to share in a dialogue with friends about what you don’t like about your body?

Consuming and digesting photoshopped images as the standard of beautiful or sexy is risky to our well-being. While porn can be effectively used to enhance a solo or partnered sex life, it can also become a distorted reference for what is considered great sex. We need to feast upon those messages that help us to find freedom to enjoy our sensual and sexual selves fully.

“Be caring about what you’re consuming!”- Your Friend, Violet me.  I do.”- Your Friend, Violet

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