Kegels and More For Your Pelvic Floor

In April, My Friend Violet will be talking with Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, Pelvic Health Expert, Author of the important new book, “Sex Without Pain”.  We’ve heard about and some of us have practices Kegels in all the ways they have been instructed to do in order to keep your vag tight.

Many women report that they did (or do) these kegels religiously in order to make sure their partner (if they had a penis) was satisfied with the quality of their sex…especially after child birth or hormone changes. Let’s not pretend that wanting to look and feel good to our partner’s isn’t one driving force for working out and watching what we eat…even though it may not be the “politically correct” thing to say in the age of women’s empowerment. We can have more than one reason to care for our bodies and they can even be equally important.

So here are the reasons to add a pelvic floor “workout” into your routine as per TheLadyPartsSpt, Dr. Heather Jeffcoat:

My Friend Violet wants to give you two Pelvic Floor workout tips that go beyond the famed Kegel.  It’s often just about putting your “mind in the muscle” or simply focusing your attention to your pelvic region when you are doing many of the exercises you may already have in your fitness routine.  For some, this will be all new and always check with your physician to determine what level you should start with to avoid any injury.

  1. Squats, lunges, and planks are typical gym activities but can be done with or without weight.  Make sure that your form is correct and you squeeze in a kegel-like manner as you perform any of these moves. If you aren’t sure how to do these exercises or are needing to start at a different beginning point, try standing in front of a stable, firm-seat chair (ie a kitchen chair) with your two feet aligned in direction pointing straight ahead and placed about 12 inches apart.  Go to sit on your chair but stop just before you actually sit on the seat…and squeeze inside your vagina as you do with a kegel. Squeeze once and stand up squeezing again at the top of the stand.  Repeat.
  2. Bridges.  The double benefit of doing bridges with or without added weight is that you strengthen both your pelvic floor AND you shape up your booty muscles!  Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Engage your pelvic floor and lift your hips.  Hold at the top for 5-15 seconds, down. Repeat or 10 to 20 reps. Adding weight across your hips for this move uses your pelvic floor and powerful  glutes.

Tight is right for body confidence in sex & sport.”- Your Friend, Violet

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