Celebrity Moms Do It Too

Shocker: Celebrity status doesn’t keep women from experiencing the physical changes caused by pregnancy. It’s great that women of all levels of fame and fortune can be supportive to others by sharing their truths. It can be helpful to share personal struggles with body confidence when you’re considered a celebrated standard of beauty to many. These disclosures can break through barriers to normalize the human experience. 

That said, body confidence really isn’t about whether or not we fit back into our pre-pregnancy jeans the same way. Body confidence that makes the biggest difference is in how we trust our body will “show up” for us in different ways. Does our body move, feel, and perform the way we want it to? Can we trust that our physical condition is going to let us engage in life to be successful, fulfilled, accomplished, capable? Are we strong, agile, energetic, responsive? What does our body say about who we are and how we live? 

We want you to redefine the terms and develop a new relationship with your body.  Eat, move, dress, and choose methods that enhance how your body functions more than how it looks. When we care for function, we positively impact form! We will wind up looking better if we focus on BEING healthier. Our bodies go through that powerful metamorphosis of pregnancy and post-partum.  It serves us and our baby as well as it can. We need to honor that process and everything our bodies go through to allow us to live well. Body confidence is trusting that we “got this!” physically.

My Friend Violet believes in self-care that nurtures body confidence grounded in TRUST.  Our products are made with this mission in mind. 

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