A Brain for Better Sex

We often think of sex as an act related to stimulated body parts, but a lot of our sex life takes place in our heads first and foremost. Our brain chemistry and thought associations control our sexual interest, responsiveness, and satisfaction.

From a brain chemistry perspective, thoughts and feelings generate hormones (not just the sex-related ones) that elicit our moods. Anxious or calm, happy or sad, amorous or angry, etc, our moods are chemically induced always. Hence, managing brain chemistry well is a practical way to create a better brain for better sex. There are many ways to naturally adjust your brain chemistry to reduce those stress-related hormones and boost those sexy ones!

Right around now, people are making those resolutions to get fit, lose weight, become “healthier”. As we know, those great intentions slip by the wayside often for one underlying primary reason: lack of deeply held purpose for doing it. Well, how about adding THIS tidbit of reason to your commitment to make healthy choices: exercise is the best way to reclaim or maintain a gratifying sex life! As you think about doing your workout of whatever type, remind yourself that you are adding longevity to your libido. What Violet calls “Vitamin O” (Orgasm) is an essential to living well and caring for our brain chemistry is the way to get our regular dose.

There are known foods to boost energy of the sexual type by impacting brain chemistry. Oysters are the famous food touted as an aphrodisiac because of how loaded they are with Zinc, a nutrient that enhances blood flow. Enhanced blood flow circulates our hormone production and supports better which translates into an easier orgasm. It seems that Olive Oyl and Popeye were on to something with zinc-filled spinach. Pumpkin seeds are another zinc-rich food that boosts hormones for a sexy experience.

Adding foods with the vitamin B’s is also important to brain chemistry. While beef is a primary source for the necessary B vitamins that allow us to increase our testosterone levels (yes, women have and need testosterone for normal functioning and a stellar sex life), not everyone eats meat these days. Other great vitamin B options are ricotta cheese, chick peas, tuna, salmon, eggs, oh and the super power mentioned earlier, spinach.

Exercise and healthy diet aren’t just about looking a certain way, fitting into clothes the way we want to, or reducing risk of heart troubles. Regular exercise and healthy food choices keep us vibrant in mind so we can stay vibrant in life. See other articles on mindset for improving sexual experiences!

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