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When you feel confident and comfortable with your own body, life gets so much better.  Vaginal and sexual wellness depend on true body confidence, real physical comfort, and the right self-care.

Thousands of women told us that they struggle with itchy, dry, painful vaginal experiences that detract from enjoying sex and sports. We get that there are physical and emotional parts to this problem.

My Friend Violet is here with a new approach to healthy living, self-care products that work, and the information you need to find the joy in life’s essential pleasures. 

It’s time to elevate VQ (Vaginal Intelligence) the smart way to understand, care for, and communicate about one of our most precious parts. Be the “VEO” of your vagina.


Catch The Vibes
Catch the Vi!bes

Vi!bes: the energy we develop, own, and share with others.

At My Friend Violet, we’re generating a new Vi!be in women’s wellness. Whether you refer to it as your vagina, vag, vajayjay, pussy, lady parts, or down there, we’re here to help you embrace the magic of your own body.  Vi!bes is where you will find articles and videos to elevate your VQ (Vaginal Intelligence) to enhance self-care and body confidence. 


My Vi! is Your Vi!

My Vi! is our vibrant, vital community of women just like you wanting to get the inside scoop on all things vagina in order to improve their quality of sex, sport, and self-care.  My Vi! is your safe place to ask questions, share experiences, and get the support you deserve to grow body confidence and comfort. Our UltraViolets will lead the way with inspiration and suggestions. Become part of the VQ movement through meaningful connections and personal growth!


What Women Are Saying

“I thought I was damaged because of how dry and itchy my vagina most of the time.  I was too embarrassed to talk to my friends about it.”

-Beth, age 42

“Ever since having kids, I have faked enjoying sex.  It’s just uncomfortable. I don’t want my husband to think I’m not sexy.”

-Crystal, age 38

“Ok Vajayjay, it’s time to come out and play! Getting out of a sexless marriage & into dating, I need to know I’m up for it in all ways.”

-Rita, age 48

“I am so tired of questioning my own body and feeling anxious about intimacy. I want confidence to set me free in bed!”

-Jackie, age 50

My Friend Violet has found inspirational leaders in women’s wellness to help spread the good Vi!bes and elevate VQ.  Our team of ambassadors are called UltraViolets and have the passion and purpose of motivating women to enjoy new elements of health & happiness.  Sound like you?

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UltraViolet of the Month

Nigerian, British-born Writer, Poet, Speaker and Life Coach. Ngozi helps millennial women understand self-love, healing and transformation, so they can redefine their relationship with themselves and others, and rediscover the potent power that lives within them.

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Violet Events

Violet “events” will happen in all ways: zoom gatherings, Facebook Lives, podcasts, and post-pandemic in REAL life parties and group activities of different kinds.  Elevating VQ and spreading the good Vi!bes through togetherness.

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